Our Mission: To put a shirt on 1-million people

The Tree of Love: Sharing God's Truth of Who You Are

Educator and entrepreneur Dr. Michelle Post wanted to bring a little more light into a world darkened by anxiety, depression, and a rising suicide rate. So she decided to create the new eCommerce company Tree of Love, LLC™ to share t-shirts and other items with powerful yet simple “I am” statements serving as constant reminders that people are beautiful, capable, and strong.

Post said she founded the Tree of Love to heed a calling from God to share His truth that each and every human being matters and is loved. Post wants to educate, encourage, equip, and empower people everywhere to find healing and choose love. Each shirt includes a scripture reference on the front, with the full scripture on the back. Post said her vision is to put a Tree of Love t-shirt on one million people over the next five years, with the goal of creating a ripple effect over the long term.

Customer Review

I enjoy wearing my two Tree of Love shirts--I am Capable (Philippians 4:13) and I am Persevering (Hebrews 12:1)--because
the material is soft and doesn't shrink. Best of all, they are great conversation starters and give me another opportunity to share my faith.

~ Sandra, Colorado