• Who’s Minding My Business?

    I have realized that I have enough to think about each day with the business God has given me, and I really should not waste my time or energy speculating about what those around me are doing.
  • Love is in the Air!

    God’s Word teaches us that love never fails, love conquers evil, love covers all sins, and that we are to love one another as God loves us. 
  • Believe, Belong, and Become

    Each of us plays a critical role in our various communities and it is our responsibility to assist in building the best community possible. For each
    of us wants and needs to believe, to belong, and to become. 
  • GIGO―God-In, God-Out

    It’s crucial to protect our brains and our hearts against “garbage.” And learning to develop this skill can protect us from the consequences that come from having a system that is corrupted; however, this skill takes time and awareness.