Our Story

Welcome to The Tree of Love™. We are on a mission to share God’s Truth about who we are, and we will achieve this goal by putting our shirt on a million people in five years.

Dr. Michelle Post, The Tree of Love™ founder, became an entrepreneur at the tender age of seven. She started her own business at 18 years old, and the rest is history. Dr. Post pursued different passions during her life, such as being a successful entrepreneur and educator. The Post Institute: Center for Life-long Learning is one of her babies.

As with many of us, Dr. Post and her team noticed something dark developing worldwide. It seems a dark veil is slowly covering everyone’s eyes, hindering us from seeing the Truth and the light of the Lord. Unfortunately, it is human nature to fear the unknown, which causes unnecessary doubt, anxiety, depression, and, worse, a rising suicide rate.

Being the compassionate person she is, Dr. Post wanted to bring a little more light into a world darkened by anxiety, depression, and a rising suicide rate. The Tree of Love™ was founded to heed a calling from God, to share His Truth that every human being matters and is loved. Ultimately, we want to inspire a tsunami of movement from these ripples that we’re starting in the present.

The Tree of Love™ seeks to spread a simple yet powerful slogan: “I Am.” Looking at these two words, it may not amount to much, but putting them together with words such as “enough,” “strong,” “capable,” and “beautiful” makes all the difference. Yet, it is a powerful way to recondition one’s mind to accept and embrace our flaws so that we can use them to move forward and face the world ahead.

Why T-shirts?

T-shirt-s are unassuming, don’t you agree? Yet, it is quite a ubiquitous piece of clothing, and almost everyone, from the rich to the poor, from the young to the elderly, from men to women, has access to it. In fact, everyone seems to be comfortable wearing a shirt anywhere!

That is why it is the perfect vehicle to spread this simple movement. We aim to put 1 million “I Am” shirts on an equal number of people in five years as a constant reminder that people are beautiful, capable, and strong. When people see our shirts, we want them to feel inspired, we want to lift them, and most of all, we want everyone to know who God says they are because God doesn’t lie.

“I Am”

The Tree of Love™ wants to educate, encourage, equip, and empower people everywhere to find healing and choose love by using simple, bold statements such as “I Matter,” “I Am Enough,” “I Am Valuable,” “I Am Chosen,” and “I Am Forgiven.” Each shirt includes a scripture reference on the front, with the full scripture on the back.

We want to put the word out that the cause of our current worries is that we’re distracted; the cure to our current maladies is to see the Truth about who we are. While it is normal to be affected by what we hear about ourselves from others, our lives shouldn’t be defined by them. No one needs to go through life with hurtful and false messages about who others say they are. Instead, we can stand firm, knowing we were created with a purpose.

We’re Just Getting Started

According to Dr. Post, she has seen the possibility of hundreds of “I Am” statements. The Tree of Love™ has come up with 24 already, so there’s definitely a lot to look forward to. With that, we invite you to check out our available shirts, and when you see one with a message that resonates with you, we hope you order and support our cause.

Your support will go a long way. We will donate a dollar to Gideons International for each shirt sold while spreading the word of this movement.